Conflicts of Interest in the academic environment arise when there are situations in which financial or other personal considerations may directly and significantly affect, or have the appearance of directly and significantly affecting, a person’s judgment in exercising their University responsibilities. Learn more about conflicts of interest and what you should disclose at

Cayuse Outside Interests allows investigators to make conflict of interest disclosures including:

  • annual disclosures
  • research-based or project-specific disclosures
  • external activities for pay disclosures
  • Federal “other support” disclosures

Additional information can be found in the Outside Interests FAQs.


The video below offers a tour of the Cayuse Outside Interests system. 

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  • Intro 00:00
  • Disclosure process overview 1:17
  • Navigating to the disclosure page 2:17
  • Submitting a new annual disclosure (no disclosures) 4:36
  • Submitting a new annual disclosure (w/ disclosures) 9:04
  • Submitting a modification 17:38
  • EPAP disclosure 19:38
  • Research-based disclosures 23:43
  • Q&A session 30:18
  • End 41:09

Cayuse SP will not generate an email notice to specifically recruit submission of FCOI disclosures when a proposal /IPF is routed. Information about the FCOI disclosure requirement, as well as the link to the Cayuse Outside Interests module, can be found in the General Information and Conflict of Interest & Other Support sections of the proposal/Institutional Processing Form (IPF). In addition, COI disclosure reminders are embedded in three, Cayuse SP-generated email notices sent to the PI. PIs will find a COI disclosure reminder in the “Submitted – Proposal,” “Submitted – PI Certification and FCOI Disclosure,” and the “Routing Finished – Owner and PI” email notices. Research administrators who work closely with principal investigators to create and route proposals are encouraged to remind PIs of the requirement that they and other qualifying personnel submit an FCOI disclosure before a proposal will be submitted to the sponsor.

FCOI disclosures must be completed in the Cayuse Outside Interests module on and after July 1, 2021. FCOI disclosures may be submitted any time after a proposal/IPF is created in Cayuse SP.

A graduate student or other person identified after a proposal has been submitted to the sponsor must submit a FCOI disclosure before an EPAF is finalized to pay the named graduate student or other role from the sponsored award. An award will not be distributed until a FCOI disclosure for previously unnamed graduate student or other role has been completed.

Access the Cayuse Outside Interests Module at

All key personnel involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of research must submit their project related Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Disclosure prior to proposal submission via the Cayuse COI Disclosure module. For additional information and to submit an FCOI disclosure at

It is the responsibility of the Lead PI to ensure that any project personnel involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of the project complete the FCOI disclosure. At the proposal stage this typically includes the Lead PI, Principal Investigators (Co-PIs/Co-Is), Investigators, Postdoctoral Research Associates*, Fellows*, and Research Scientists* (even if listed under “Other Personnel”). Upon award, it is the responsibility of the Lead PI to consider the project role and responsibilities of personnel hired onto the project; if any personnel hired onto the project are involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of the project, they must complete the FCOI disclosure.

For Investigator/Research Team role definitions in Cayuse SP, see Appendix A of the SP User Manual. For questions about FCOI disclosures, please contact the Office of Research Integrity

*If identified at the time of proposal. As a reminder, any personnel in the internal UNCG budget must be listed in the Investigators/Research Team section of Cayuse SP.

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