The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at UNCG uses Cayuse SP to manage all sponsored projects. Cayuse SP captures and organizes sponsored project information that will be used for proposal development, routing, and submission processes. Proposals must be created in Cayuse SP for all externally sponsored projects. Cayuse SP serves as the management tool for awards, tracking post-award activities, compliance and closeout.

Additional information can be found in the SP FAQs.

Log into Cayuse SP using your UNCG SSO credentials.


The video below offers a tour of the Cayuse SP system. 

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*Outline also available in video description on YouTube.

  • Welcome and Introductions 00:00
  • Transition Overview 02:41
    • What is an IPF? 3:20
    • Timeline 07:06
    • Business Process Changes 11:04
  • Resources and Contacts 13:03
  • IPF Creation and Submission 17:08
    • Logging in and basic information 17:38
    • Start New Proposal and General Information 19:13
    • Investigators/Research Team 24:42
    • Location of Sponsored Activities 27:39
    • Budget 29:30
    • Conflict of Interest & Other Support 36:11
    • Research Subjects and Materials 38:32
    • Subrecipients 40:26
    • Export Control & National Security 41:32
    • Innovation and Commercialization 42:28
    • Community Engagement & Public Service 43:06
    • Proposal Abstract 43:41
    • Proposal Attachments 44:53
    • Approving Units 45:43
    • Submission Notes 46:29
    • Submitting the IPF 46:48
  • PI Certification and “My Proposals”, Accessing Proposals, Awards, and Projects 48:27
  • IPF Approval 52:01
  • Proposal Statuses, Central Office Views 54:36
  • Post-Award views 57:44
    • Project 58:15
    • Awards and PRAs under a project 59:38
    • Banner Fund numbers and inactivating Projects and Awards 01:01:08
    • Subawards 01:02:57
    • Uploading Reports 01:05:05
  • Questions 01:08:20

Cayuse SP is used for developing and managing proposal submissions as well as monitoring and tracking award activity throughout the lifecycle of a funded project. It is a cloud-based management solution for sponsored projects. The web interface gives you access to your entire research portfolio from proposals to awards. A Cayuse SP record must be completed for all proposal submissions.

  1. Cayuse is accessed via web browser. Supported browsers include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (Windows) and Google Chrome and Apple Safari (iOS)
  2. Log into using your UNCG SSO credentials
  3. When prompted, allow pop-ups
  4. If you use an ad blocker, you will want to disable it for all sites on this domain. There are no ads in Cayuse, but ad blockers prevent access to the help options.

For technical issues in Cayuse SP contact ORE technical support.

All proposals should be completed and routed in Cayuse SP at least five (5) business days prior to the deadline day to allow a full review by OSP.

If the sponsor is not listed, repeat the search again and select “Sponsor Not Found.” Provide the sponsor/funding agency’s information in the Submission Notes. Do NOT select “No Sponsors.”

From the Proposal Dashboard, select Start New Proposal and complete each of the sections in Cayuse. For detailed instructions, refer to the Cayuse SP User manual.

Users automatically have access to a proposal when they are either the owner (creator) of the proposal or named in the roster of the project in Sponsored Projects. To designate a new user – which provides all access to the proposal record – you can add a person as a Proposal Editor or Other Participant in Sponsored Projects – No Routing role. All other roles will require the relevant unit head(s) approval of the IPF.

Please list your committed effort and person months for the first year of the project. Other reminders:

  • For assistance in determining Effort Person Months, down the Effort Conversion Table.
  • UNCG personnel and any independent contractors or consultants involved in the design, conduct or reporting of the project must be listed here. Subaward research team members do NOT need to be listed here. For Investigator/Research team role definitions in Cayuse SP, see Appendix A of the Cayuse SP User Guide.
  • For each person Include their role, sponsored effort and any cost-shared effort (whether funds are requested or not) in the first year of the project, and allocation of credit
  • Allocation of credit must total to 100%

No. For projects involving non-UNCG collaborators, the information on this page should reflect the UNCG-only portion of the project.

  1. Email your OSP Grants Specialist and request the IPF be placed back in Unsubmitted status. Provide the PI’s full name and the Cayuse SP Proposal.
  2. Select Submit for Routing after making the necessary revisions. Please note all IPF approvals obtained will be deleted. A new email will be sent to the IPF Approvers once the IPF is submitted for routing again.

Email notifications are sent to the Lead PI, Research Team, and all Approvers when an electronic proposal is submitted in Cayuse for routing, certifications and approvals. Additionally, the proposal creator and Lead PI will receive emails when proposals are approved or if additional information is needed for processing.

  1. From the Dashboard, select PI Certification Inbox.
  2. Select the applicable Proposal Number.
  3. View the IPF or PDF of the IPF.
  4. Select Certify Proposal.

There are two ways that you can verify completion of Certifications:

  1. If the PI Certification inbox does not have a number on the left-hand side or after accessing the PI Certification Inbox there are no records under the To Be Certified Tab, then there are no outstanding certifications.
  2. You can view all proposals for which you have completed the certification by accessing the Previously Reviewed Tab.

Cayuse can be accessed from any location that has internet access. All members listed on the Research Team of a proposal package must certify the proposal themselves. However, it is strongly recommended that at least two approvers be established for each unit.

  1. From the Dashboard, select Unit Approval Inbox.
  2. Select the applicable Proposal Number.
  3. View the IPF or PDF of the IPF.
  4. Select Authorize Proposal to approve or Reject Proposal to return to the initiator.

You can view the proposal routing status by accessing the proposal from the Certification/Approval Inbox and selecting the appropriate proposal number. The routing tab indicates who has and who has not yet approved/certified.

When multiple departments are involved in a proposal, the routing chain can be edited to add required approval stops. Users can choose sequential or parallel routing.

Parallel routing allows for all necessary approvals to take place at any given time during routing; actions by one level are not contingent on the actions of another. Lead units are always first in the queue. Simply set all other stops to the number “2” and save.

The new Department Chair or Dean will need to be given approver access. There is a Role Manager in each department with responsibility for making such changes. OSP will not make changes to approvers.

Yes, the new IPF Approver should be able to review and approve or reject the proposal soon after the change is made.

No. The IPF/Proposal will not route to OSP for review until IPF Approvals from the administering unit, units with Key Personnel involved in the proposal and the Dean’s Office, if applicable, have been obtained.

The proposal will not be submitted to the sponsor by OSP until all COI disclosures have been completed and certified by the Office of Research Integrity.

We have developed a new Proposal Review Quick Checklist for Cayuse that focuses on Approvers (Deans, ADRs and Chairs) as well as a detailed IPF Approver Guidelines and Proposal Review Checklists document that also provides information (proposal review checklists) that can be used by research administrators as they review proposals in Cayuse.

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